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No profiles available
We were unable to find any installer profiles. Installer profiles tell us what modules to enable and what schema to install in the database. A profile is necessary to continue with the installation process.
Drupal already installed
<ul><li>To start over, you must empty your existing database and replace the appropriate <em>settings.php</em> with an unmodified copy.</li><li>To install to a different database, edit the appropriate <em>settings.php</em> file in the <em>sites</em> folder.</li><li>To upgrade an existing installation, proceed to the <a href="@base-url/update.php">update script</a>.</li></ul>
Modules missing
One or more required modules are missing. Please check the error messages and <a href="!url">try again</a>.
@drupal installation complete
установка @drupal окончена
Congratulations, @drupal has been successfully installed.
Поздравляем, @drupal был успешно установлен.